Dance classes Montreal, Ballroom dancing Montreal & Latin dance school, Workshop & group lessons classes to learn Latin dance in international & social styling. Classes for all age groups, Salsa & Zumba cardio workout fitness group classes.

[École de danse Latine et danse de salon. Cours de danse Salsa Montréal, Zumba Montréal & Zumba.]

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Ballroom Latin Dance Montreal Academy:


Dance with the Stars Academy:


The intention of the dance school in Montreal is to teach Latin & ballroom dancing.


In Standard Dance, the dance school teaches:


* Slow Waltz, or English Waltz

* Viennoise Viennese Waltz

* Ballroom Tango, it is different from argentine Tango

* Quick-steps

* Slow fox-trot


Danza Latina, Latin & Ballroom Latina dance schools are welcoming dance students from all levels in Montreal. The dance schools provides classes for beginners and for advanced students.


The Latin ballroom dance Montreal school offers special prices, payment facilities, reasonable & affordable.

Montreal Ballroom Dance school has professional dance instructors for dance competitions in international & social styling.

Montreal ballroom Latin dance school has classes for Zumba cardio fitness also.


Montreal ballroom Latin dancing school teaches Argentine Tango Argentin, Quick-Steps, Fox Trot, Waltz [Valse], Slow Waltz, Viennese waltz, Viennese waltz, Valse viennoise, Jive, Swing, Cha cha cha cha-cha-cha Montreal, Cha cha cha, Salsa, Mambo, Flamenco, Samba, Rumba, Meringue, Bachata, rock & role, PassoDoble [Passo Double, Passo Doble, Passe double, Paso Doble]






Ballroom & Latin group dance classes are available also.


Private lessons for wedding first dance is available.


Don’t need a dance partner to join us. You could join us with or without dance partner.

You don't need special costumes or dancing shoes or Latin dance shoes or ballroom dance shoes to join the dance group. Clean summer shoes are permitted in dance classes. Boots & damaged shoes are not permitted.

Note: Bring additional pair of summer-shoes or running-shoes with you during rainy and snowy days.


Dress as you wish; most people dress casual - sporty.


The dance school doesn't sell Tango dancing shoes, Ballroom dancing shoes, or Latin dancing shoes.


The dance classes are for all ages, no limit.

Dance classes for beginners and advanced level are available.





Salsa dance school Montreal


Looking for Salsa dancing in Montreal, professional dance instructors are ready to serve you.


The Salsa dance classes in Montreal are guided by professional dance instructors.


The Ballroom Latin dance school Montreal is located in Plateau Mount Royal Plateau Mont-Royal downtown.

Montreal Ballroom Latin Dance school Montreal

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